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Meet eProjonmo, the versatile technology news portal of bd.

Bangladesh has achieved more and more vast advancements in science and technology. Our new generations are getting more involved in these fields. So that eProjonmo targets this generation’s tech freaks serving the best technology news, becoming a tech news portal of bd.

eProjonmo renders the best pieces of information as a form of the technology news article and represents that as the best form of Bangla technology news article. More people are getting attached to the internet day by day; the consumption of Bengali content is also rising rapidly.

More and more people are getting involved in internet content, so we plan to provide the best quality content—That’s why we selected a technology news niche that we can serve the best quality news to our visitors. eProjonmo has some facts about it,

  • eProjonmo wants to deliver the best quality Bangla content to its reader.
  • eProjonmo collects accurate pieces of information from all over the globe. After collecting those, eProjonmo converts that into a fine edge Bangla article.
  • eProjonmo always follows global trends and the global flow of technology news.
  • eProjonmo always publishes the news which matters to you.
  • In the end, eProjonmo is the best technology news portal of bd.

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